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Next-Gen Smart Contract Platform, Gasless Mobile Wallet & SDK

Gasless Wallet & SDK Powered by Account Abstraction, Smart Contract Platform, Web3 Infrastructure and more.


Accessible via Web & Mobile


Works with the best in the Industry

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Download Kriptonio iOS or Android mobile app to create and manage non custodial Classic and Smart Wallets, as well as interacting with Smart Contracts created inside of the Kriptonio platform. Run sponsored transactions and don't worry about gas fees.



The Kriptonio SDK offers interfaces for creating and managing both Classic and Smart Wallets, as well as interacting with Smart Contracts created both inside and outside of the Kriptonio platform. It also provides integrations with popular libraries like Ethers and Viem.


Smart Contracts

With Kriptonio, you can easily create, deploy, and manage smart contracts. Use pre-built templates like ERC20 or ERC721, upload Solidity source code, or integrate with our plugins. Once your contracts are deployed, interact with them using a simple UI or REST API.

creation method

Provide Solidity Source code

Provide your custom Solidity source code and deploy it to the blockchain

creation method

Use Pre-Built Smart Contracts

Create ERC20 and ERC721 tokens in a few seconds

creation method

Use Integration Plugins

Easily integrate your Hardhat or Truffle workspaces with Kriptonio using our integration plugins

Paymasters & Bundlers

Account Abstraction is a new standard of creating and operating wallets, aimed at making them more powerful and easier to use. Kriptonio provides ERC-4337-compatible paymasters and bundlers, which are essential components for enabling you to integrate Account Abstraction into your applications.


Blockchain RPC Nodes

Let Kriptonio handle the heavy lifting of running and managing blockchain nodes for you. Our platform operates fast, scalable, and cost-effective nodes for various blockchain networks. Choose between shared or dedicated nodes to suit your needs.

blockchain node

Gasless Transactions

Kriptonio provides a simple way to enable gasless transactions for your users. With the power of Account Abstraction, Kriptonio allows you to send transactions for you and your users without worrying about the gas fees.


Multi Chain

Discover the power of seamless interaction with multiple blockchain networks on a single platform. Access RPC nodes, smart contracts, paymasters, and more in a versatile multi-chain environment.

multi chain


Collaboration is key to achieving long-term success. With Kriptonio, you can easily create organizations and share access to smart contracts and Web3 Infrastructure with your team members. By working together, you can achieve greater things and go further than you could alone.


Live and Test environment

While developing your smart contract you move from local to test end at the end to the live environment. Kriptonio supports this workflow by providing a test and live environment for every blockchain it supports.


Unleash the Power of Web3 with Our Competitive Pricing Plans



No billing required

Testnet Only

200K API credits per month

2 Managed Smart Contracts

1 Paymaster

1 RPC Endpoint

Get Started



Billing required

Mainnet & Testnet

1K Monthly Sponsored Transactions

2M API credits per month

10 Managed Smart Contracts

2 Paymasters

2 RPC Endpoints

10% gas sponsorship premium

Basic Support

Get Started



Billing required

Mainnet & Testnet

10K Monthly Sponsored Transactions

100M API credits per month

50 Managed Smart Contracts

50 Paymasters

50 RPC Endpoints

8% gas sponsorship premium

Enhanced Support

Get Started



Billing required

Mainnet & Testnet

100K Monthly Sponsored Transactions

500M API credits per month

100 Managed Smart Contracts

100 Paymasters

100 RPC Endpoints

8% gas sponsorship premium

VIP Support

Get Started

Enterprise plan available on request. It includes all features, custom limits, and enterprise-level support.

You can find RPC credit cost overview here

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If you have any questions regarding our product, need instructions on how to use it, instructions to integrate with your app, or something else, please contact us and we will help you.

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