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Web3 Platform and Blockchain Infrastructure

Kriptonio provides fast, scalable and affordable platform and infrastructure for building your web3 applications.


Working with the Best in the Industry

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Blockchain RPC Nodes

With Kriptonio, you don’t need to run or manage blockchain node. We take care of that. We operate a number of fast, scalable and affordable nodes for multiple blockchain networks. You have an option to use shared or dedicated blockchain nodes.

blockchain node

Erc20 & Erc721 Tokens

Kriptonio provides pre-made Open Zeppelin based contracts for Erc20 and Erc721 tokens. This allows you to create your Erc20 tokens and NFT collections in few seconds. After you create them, you can operate them via UI or API.


Smart Contracts

Kriptonio takes care of deploying your Solidity Smart contracts. You can create new smart contract by uploading Solidity source file, or by using Hardhat or Truffle integration plugins

creation method

By Uploading Solidity Source code

Simply drag and drop your Solidity source code

creation method

By using Hardhat

We created hardhat-kriptonio integration plugin so you can your hardhat workflow to kriptonio in a matter of seconds

creation method

By using Truffle

We created truffle-kriptonio integration plugin so you can your truffle workflow to kriptonio in a matter of seconds


Kriptonio creates and manages your crypto wallets. With this, kriptonio allows you to spend your time building your product and let us take care of keeping your wallet secure and sign your transactions.



You can interact with smart contracts, erc20 tokens and erc721 collections via simple REST API. This allows you to focus on building your web3 product and let us take care of handling blockchain heavy-lifting and infrastructure aspects of it.

rest api

Interaction with Smart Contract via UI

Accessing smart contract and calling its method usually means that you must write code. Kriptonio provides user interface for calling smart contract functions and inspecting smart contract state. Without single line of code.

smart contract ui interaction
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Smart Contract Events

Your smart contracts can produce events. We provide user interface for inspecting and debugging them.

smart contract events
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RPC Node Logs

Good overview of request/response towards blockchain RPC endpoint is a priceless asset. We provide high and low-level insights into activity produced by your RPC endpoints.

endpoint logs
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Multi Chain

Deploy your smart contracts to multiple blockchain networks. Currently we support Polygon (MainNet and Mumbai), Ethereum (MainNet and Ropsten) and Binance Smart Chain (MainNet and TestNet). Few others are around the corner.

BNB Chain
multi chain

Live and Test environment

While developing your smart contract you move from local to test end in the end to the live environment. Kriptonio supports this workflow by providing test and live environment for every blockchain it supports. Switching between live and test environment is a matter of pressing a “switch” button.

test environment
test environment


During beta phase use kriptonio without any limits and free of charge



5 000 000 requests per month

2 RPC Endpoints

Smart Contract Interaction via API and UI

Smart Contract Events Explorer

RPC Endpoint Logs Explorer

Multi-Chain test and live networks

Basic Support

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During Beta


Everything in Free Plan

20 000 000 requests per month

Unlimited RPC Endpoints

Enhanced Support

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During Beta


Everything in Starter Plan

80 000 000 requests per month

VIP Support

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All Features Included

Option for Dedicated RPC Nodes

Enterprise SLA

Enterprise Support

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Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our product, need instructions how to use it, instructions to integrate with your app, or something else, please contact us and we will help you.


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